Our Policies

Our Commitment

P.A.T. Auto Transport

P.A.T. Auto Transport’s commitment to its customers is to provide prompt and dependable service every time. We make no exceptions to the laws and regulations provided by the I.C.C. and D.O.T. for auto transporters to follow.

We accept our units in “as is” condition. All units must be in working condition and must have a key. Any pre-existing condition such as minor scratches and dents will be noted in the pre-trip inspection by our drivers so they are not liable. P.A.T. Auto Transport, Inc. is also not responsible for damage attributable to mechanical or parts deficiencies such as, but not limited to, aged exhaust or suspension systems, faulty brakes or steering, or damage caused by leaking battery acids, cooling systems, or oil. We are also not responsible for freezing of cooling systems, hail or wind damage, or any acts of God. The cars will be re-inspected upon delivery to ensure no damage was inflicted during transport.

Fully Insured

If in the event a damage were to occur during transport, P.A.T. Auto Transport, Inc. is fully insured to protect your vehicle. Our safety and maintenance department follows detailed guidelines to ease the situation and make certain a problem is handled correctly. We strive to provide quality customer service which, in turn, results in high quality, reliable transport.

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